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Backpacks South Africa

Backpacks South Africa

Backpacks South Africa is brought to you by Brand Innovation. We deliver throughout South Africa.

We have a wide variety of great backpacks to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. Our range of  backpacks is huge. We gave  good quality bags that make fantastic corporate gifts or promotional products.

A backpack is a very useful item for hiking, cycling, schools and universities, travelling and so much more. We can brand these backpacks wit your company name and logo with embroidery or a print, depending on the bag.

If you require a specific bag type, we can also manufacture bags for you, but please note that the lead time for manufacturing is longer.

Quebec Backpack

Let’s go backpacking with Brand Innovation, the best backpack suppliers in South Africa. Please do let us know what type of backpacks you require. What your budget is per backpack and the quantity required. Brand Innovation is a supplier and distributor of many backpack brands in Africa. We brand your bags with your company logo. Our aim is always to please.  So if you need bags for children, for university students, adults or for conferences, we are sure to be able to assist you. Our aim is always to build long lasting relationships with cients and suppliers alike.

As you can see from the image above, there are a large number of colours available in most of our backpack ranges. We also have a large stockholding available to you, so if you need a few thousand backpacks, we will be sure to be able to help you.

What colour backpacks do you require? Black backpacks are always popular. Almost all our ranges have a black backpack. Also laptop trolley bags are very popular. For marketing purposes, a backpack is a useful item and a marketing item that makes sense. If a businessman is given a backpack and he has one, he will be sure to take the backpack home and give it to his son or daugher or wife who will be thrilled at the gift their dad, or mom! has brought home. Likewise, you might be a company that markets to university students and if so, then then any student will be over the moon at getting a bag to use for books or sport or week ends or holidays home. We can provide you with a number of shoulder backpack bags that students will LOVE. For many more options of backpacks, please visit BRAND INNOVATION and see the products page and backpacks for more options. On this site our aim has been to bring you the most popular backpacks so that you can easily choose exactly what you want.

Most of our clients are based in the Gauteng and Western Cape Region. We deliver thoughout South Africa and even to Africa. If there are any backpacks, sportsbags, laptop bags or shoulder bags that you think are missing from this website, please do let us know and we will do our best to bring you exactly what you want.

We are a bulk supplier of backpacks in Africa, so our minimum order quantity is 25 units. For drawstring bags the minimum order quantity is 50 units. Please do let us know exactly what type of bags you need as we are here to assist you. Brand Innovation is also a BEE Level 2 Supplier and do our best to keep this rating. We are committed to doing successful business in South Africa and to building sustainable relationships with all whom we deal with.

There are many well priced backpacks in the entry level range. So a branded backpack can be within your marketing budget, giving long term advertising value. In this day and age of technology, an item like a backpack will always be useful, especially our laptop backpacks! We all like to take our technology with us whereever we go and although smartphones are used by almost everyone, a laptop is still very important for schoolchildren and for those doing work. Many commuters take laptops home with them as nowdays many people can work from wherever in the world we are, so we need a bag to carry our laptops, iPads and other technological devices.

There are so many different types of backpacks that we don’t display them all on our website.

Please let us know what your greatest requirments in a backpack are. Are you looking for waterproof, hiking, school, university bookbags, travel backpacks, backpacks for women, backpacks for men, backpacks wtih a trolley etc etc. So there really is a huge variety of backpacks available to suit everyone’s needs. If there is any brand of backpack or quantity or colour or special backpack that you need made up, then please let us know. We will do all we can to help you. Please remember that we are a bulk supplier, so our minimum order quantity is 25 units.

Corporate Branding of Backpacks

BRAND INNOVATION does corporate branding on your backpacks for you.

We assist is seeing if embroidery or screenprinting will be the best option from a price perspective and also from the viewpoint of what will look best. Please give us sufficient time to do the branding for you.

We generally work on a lead time of 7 to 10 working days from approval of artwork,but depending on your needs and how busy our production period is and the size of your order, this time can change. So please do discuss this with us so that we can be sure to deliver on time. On time delivery is always very important to us.

Our aim is to delight you and to deliver the best backpacks at the best price.

We have entry level bags and higher end priced bags, so please do let us know what your exact bakcpack needs are. Most of our clients are based in the Johannesburg area with others spread around the country, in the Western Cape and Durban and right to East London. We are here for you!

Dedictated to giving you what you need. Brand Innovation also supplies other sports bags, togbags, messenger bags and a whole lot more bags, so please do let us know what your bag needs are so that we can assist you. We supply mainly in South Africa, but also to other areas in Africa too. So for a backpack with a zip, for kids, for sports for laptops, we have them all.

Backpacks are a great promotional item as they will always be used and appreciated. Schoolchildren use backpacks, businessmen, businesswomen, travelers, people attending a conference, hikers, going on a day hike, to the beach, cyclists getting to work or going shopping. You really need a backpack then as a shopping bag will throw you off balance.

Branding of backpacks in South Africa

We do all the branding of the backpacks for you, so we take the job off your hands and deliver your backpacks when you need them to the address given to us. The process of dealing with us is seamless and we do our best to assist you in every way. BRAND INNOVATION is the premier supplier of branded backpacks in South Africa. Our aim is always to delight our customers. When we receive a beautiful thank you email or call, our day is made. We value our business from you and aim to build long term sustainable relationships.

Please let us know how we can assist you with your backpacks in South Africa.

So for your backpacks in South Africa, please do contact us at or 0861 111 954.

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