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Benefits of a Branded Backpack

If there is one thing that is sure to be a hit when it comes to branding for promotional use, it’s a branded backpack.

What better way to promote your company than a backpack? Branded Backpacks are:

  • Extremely useful
  • Big in size – this means a large branding space
  • A travelling advertisement

Branded Backpacks

Backpacks are also making a comeback in the design department. Gone are the days of backpacks being reserved only for hikers or campers or young people travelling the world to find themselves.

Nowadays, backpacks are being designed for a more corporate environment too. Backpacks are also being manufactured in simpler designs that will work well as promotional items.

It is also a great idea to give your clients a beautifully branded backpack as a corporate gift. With the ‘new age’ backpacks being introduced, a big, spacious backpack that can carry your client’s laptop will surely be much appreciated. You could even fill the branded backpack with other exciting goodies.

Versatility and backpacks go hand in hand. They can be used in many different instances. This also means that a branded backpack is on-going advertising.  Your name gets out there wherever the backpack goes.

Everybody uses a bag at some point in their lives. Thus –

  • A backpack is a super useful branding item.
  • The fact that most people carry their bags around with them, makes sure that a branded backpack with your company name on is turned into a walking advertisement.

At Brand Innovation we offer a wide range of top quality backpacks n many different shapes and sizes. This means that you can choose the perfect bag that best suits your target market.

Branded backpacks will be great marketing additions for companies focused on these industries:

  • Hospitality industry – A branded backpack will be great for game lodges or private reserves, especially for guests wishing to go hike
  • Tourism – Excuse the obvious cliché, but backpacker lodges could use smaller backpacks as promotional items
  • Sport & Recreation – Sportsmen and women always need a bag because they’ve got so much stuff. A branded backpack would be ideal, and especially with athletes in the public eye, your company is sure to be recognized by that same eye
  • Schooling – Whether it’s a student organization or a school swimming team – backpacks are always used in schooling instances

Why not keep the branded backpack local? You can even give your staff a branded backpack to use. This way, when they are out and about, they too are turned into walking billboards. The laptop backpack is sure to be a hit in this instance!

The durable and clever designs of our Brand Innovation range of backpacks will ensure that your clients or staff use them for longer, and just like that you buy yourself more advertising time.

A branded backpack may be carried on someone’s back, but it is sure on the forefront when it comes to company advertising!

If you are just as excited about branded backpacks as we are, send us an email at and order yours today!

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