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Sports rucksacks in South Africa

Whether you are cooling down at gym after a hard days work, rushing to get to your sports practice or match during the evenings, or going on a weekend hiking trip or outing, our sports rucksacks are for you!

Why use sports rucksacks?

Brand Innovation has a large variety of backpacks that will ensure that from the beginning of your day, you are organized and ready for whatever recreational activity you do to unwind after a long day in the office! There is nothing more frustrating than being in the office the entire day, looking forward to a well needed run after work, when you realize you have forgotten your ipod with your favorite gym playlist on it at home! A backpack is the easiest way to ensure that everything from your:

  • trainers
  • gym clothes
  • water bottle
  • snack
  • ipod
  • towel

are packed and ready to go before you start work. This will ensure that the time used to relax during the day, doesn’t end up being something that adds to your stress levels.

A convenient rucksack for any after work exercise is the Cassidy shoulder bag which is the perfect size for all your essentials! Don’t leave home without this in the morning to ensure a stress free afterwork activity.Cassidy shoulder bag south africa

If you enjoy hiking or outings during the weekend, a rucksack is the perfect way to get everything you need together! Not to mention that it can come in a variety of colours, so you can have any preference your heart desires!

The sports rucksack we recommend for weekend outings is the Cobalt backpack which is light and easy to carry around! This bag is perfect if you want to carry bigger items such as a picnic blanket and snacks  to the top of a hiking trail.

Cobalt Backpack

Don’t forget to pack all of these items when going on your outing:

  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • camera
  • picnic snacks
  • Cool drink

If you prefer something smaller you can always use the symphony drawstring bag, which is light and perfect if you are wanting to go for a quick run and want to carry a water bottle and car keys with you!  It’s the perfect size to be be thrown into the boot or back of your car easily without taking up too much space!

drawstring bag drawstring backpack

Whatever activity you do to wind down, make sure to take a rucksack with you to ensure you don’t forget all the essentials that make your relaxing time that much better better!

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