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Packing a backpack

At brand Innovation we have some great ideas for packing a backpack for the beach.  On a hot summers day, a day outing to the beach is the perfect way to soak up the lovely weather! Remembering a few key items can make the day extra special!

What items should I remember when packing a backpack?

The best items to take should always

  • ensure you are comfortable
  • protect you from the sun
  • ensure you have plenty of snacks and drinks
  • Include activities to do on the beach

Whats a good backpack for going to the beach?

A great backpack to take to the beach is the:

Olympiad Backpack (Code : BAG-3690)

  • Easy to pop into your boot
  • Great size
  • Comfortable
  • Includes a Water bottle holder

Packing a backpack

What items should you pack for the beach?

Items to keep you comfortable include:

1. Umbrella

An umbrella is the best way to keep cool as well as protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun.  Its also really easy of it folds up to be able to pop into the side of your backpack.

2.  Towel

A towel could be the worst thing to forget, when ever someone else is comfortably reading a book on their towel, no one wants to be sitting on the sand feeling sticky!

3. Sunglasses

Taking your sunglasses to the beach is essential to protect your eyes and ensure you have a comfortable day with no glare bothering you while trying to read or play games on the beach.

4. Beach hat 

With the rise of global warming, sun protection and keeping ourselves covered is no joke. A beach hat is an essential item that should never leave your backpack!  That way, whenever you go to the beach there will always be one inside your bag, so you don’t have to remember every time you packing for an outing.

5. Sunblock

You should also always keep a spare tube of sunblock in your backpack so you NEVER forget this item! You should also apply sunblock before you even get to the beach, because often when you apply it at the beach, a lot of sun damage has already been done. Remember to keep re applying after swimming too!

Items for snacking and drinking include:

6. Cooler-bag

There is nothing nicer than having a picnic on the beach!  A coolerbag is great item for taking snacks along and will keep the sand out of your food and drinks.  See our list of cool picnic items below:

7. Snacks and Drinks

  • Chips
  • nuts
  • fruit
  • ice creams
  • soft drink
  • bottle of water

Fun things to take to the beach

 8. Magazine/book

The beach is a great place to catch up on your latest novel, or if you hardly have any time to read a magazine, its a great time to catch up whats happening in the world or on your favorite celebs.

9. Bat and Ball

No beach day has ever gone wrong with a bat and ball!  Its also really nice to keep active while lazing around and ensures for lots of fun and laughter!

Happy packing!

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