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Packing a backpack

Packing a backpack  for a hiking trip can be a really daunting task, but if you know what to take and have the right backpack, it can be as easy as one, two, three…

What to remember when packing a backpack:

  • Comfort is KEY


The most important part of packing a backpack is choosing the right backpack! The backpack that you need will depend on what activity you are planning to do. If you are planning to go hiking with your backpack you would consider a light backpack that is comfortable and has enough space for the essentials.

An awesome backpack for hiking is the:

Cobalt Backpack (Code: BAG-3685)

This backpack is great because it is a


packing a hiking backpack


What to pack when going hiking:

Hiking can be loads of fun and is a great way to exercise, but it is important to pack the right contents for your safety. Below are some suggestions for what you need to keep in your bag when you go out for a hike:

1. Protection against the weather

Just remember that you are always outside and in the sun, even if the weather is overcast. A hat and sunblock should be the number one items you take with you!  Trying to finish, even a short hike, is no fun when you sun burnt and sore.


2. Comfortable Shoes

Even if your hike isn’t that long, make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes. I’ve once done a hike and laughed at people wearing actual hiking boots, needless to say by the end of my trip I was so envious of them. I now plan on investing in a pair for my next hike!  My blisters took months to recover!


3. A First Aid Kit

Speaking of blisters, when packing a hiking backpack, a first aid kit isn’t a bad idea to take along. It always comes in handy when you or a friend needs medical assistance along the way.  Things we forget about such as band aids and ointments for injuries are really useful if you do happen to get a little graze or blister on your hike.

Brand Innovation has great medical aid kits available such as the:


Packing a hiking backpack


4. Water and Snacks

If you hiking over a number of days remember to keep hydrated and drink lots of water. Keep plenty of rehydrates in your medical aid kit and take  them after every day of walking.

Snacks are also really nice to have along the way and are also essential to keep your energy levels up to get you through the hike.

Great snacks for a hike are

  • Fruit
  • Breakfast bars
  • Nuts


5. A Camera

A really nice thing to take on your hike is a camera! If you have a nice case with a strap, a camera is always great to snap up some memories for when you reminiscing about your trip.  A really great idea is to take a gopro and capture the whole thing on video!  You’ll probably laugh at the things that happen along the way too!


6. Swimming Costume

A swimming costume is ESSENTIAL  if your hike involves a beach, river, or waterfall! Make sure to have a quick dip to cool yourself down on your hike!


We hope these suggestions will help you with packing your backpack for a hike! For more great tips and ideas, or to order your awesome backpacks, please contact us ar



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