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laptop backpacks for Traveling

Planning a trip anytime soon? Its time for all you jet setters to make your journey a whole lot easier by purchasing a laptop backpack for when you are on the go!  Theres nothing worse than having to cart around a bag when you could easily jsut slip it onto your back, along with all the most important items you need for your trip!

Why have a laptop backpack and not any old laptop case?

When travelling you have so many things to remember, such as your:

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Travel Wallet
  • Hand Luggage
  • Main suitcase

The last thing in the world you want to is leave your laptop lying around in a random airport terminal, or even worse, on a bus heading from the airport to your dreamy destination.

A trip to anywhere, whether its just a weekend away, or living abroad for the year, should be made as easy as possible. Help yourself have a smooth trip and lesson the amount of things you have to carry in your hands and get yourself a laptop backpack.

Brand Innovation has a variety of laptop bags that can help make your trip a whole lot easier! Our favorite of the moment is the Eleven Laptop Backback.

Elleven Laptop Backpack

Elleven Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack is perfect for traveling and particularly for airports because of its cool features!

  • Holds most 17″ laptops
  • Has a main zipper compartment with tech straps
  • Front Zipper pocket with tech strap
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Front lower hidden pocket for valuables
  • Media pocket with earphone outlet
  • Side entry laptop cpmpartment that unfolds to lay flat on the x-ray belt at airport security
  • Backpanel designed to slip over trolley handles
  • Padded adjustable backstraps to make sure you are extra comfy!

This laptop backpack is the perfect item for zipping to and from flights.  It will save you all the admin of having to open and close bags to get through customs. You can keep all your personal belongings in the front lower hidden pocket, and then slip it onto the back of your trolley with the rest of your luggage.

Theres also plenty of space to put things in you’d like to have on the plane, such as a book, magazine, snack or even a change of clothes for a long trip. Its always nice to be clean and keep fresh during a long flight!

The best part is that while you strolling through the airport, the media pocket with earphone outlet makes it wasy for you to listen to your favorite playlist while on the go!

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