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Trolley backpack

The trolley backpack is a new innovative product which allows for the best of both worlds enabling one the luxury of either having a wheeler bag or a back pack, providing an efficient solution to tackle any road blocks in our busy lives.

Where can we use the trolley backpack?

The airport

This backpack is the easiest way to pull your heavy luggage around, and will particularly come in handy if you are late for a connecting flight or have been held up in traffic. In a fast moving world like today, we need to be able to move at the speedy pace of the world around us.

Brand Innovation has a vast array of trolley backpacks available for you to choose from.  Our favorite trolley bag at the moment is the Monaco Laptop Trolley Backpack.

This backpack is

  • perfect for short business trips
  • is large enough to take just what you need for one or two days of work
  • can keep your laptop and documents in order.

laptop trolley backpack

For longer trips we recommend a slightly different bag such as the challenger laptop trolley backpack

This trolley backpack has

  • a multiple compartment backpack
  • has plenty of space for your laptop and important documents
  • adds an elegance to your persona


Laptop Backpack

This backpack is the perfect size to take as hand luggage. I always find myself envying people who only take hand luggage on their trips.  It saves you so much time waiting for your luggage after your flight and also ensures that nothing gets stolen at the airport.

Work and School

This product is not only convenient for flying and travel, but also for everyday use.  Its the perfect item for children to take to school, especially because of its functionality.What makes this product so unique is that it can be used to pull around, but can also easily be thrown over your shoulder and transformed into a backpack.  Now thats what we call getting the most out of a product.

In the business world this product can be particularly useful and save you plenty of time. If you walk to work you can drag it alongside you and if you need to climb any stairs you simply slip it on your back! How easy is that.

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