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promotional backpacks for schools

Wanting to get your business or brand name out there and just don’t know how to do it? Promotional backpacks for schools is just the item for you!

Why promotional backpacks for schools?

A backpack does many things in its lifetime from

  • being in the classroom
  • going to sports practices
  • attending sports matches
  • going out to break
  • walking to and from the school bus or home
  • going on sports tours

All of these places are amazing opportunities for you to promote your brand or business.There are a million places a backpack will go and thousands of people to see it. Its the perfect opportunity to to have your brand seen all over the show!

Promotional backpacks for school sports teams

Sponsoring a sports team’s bags for a festival or tournament they are attending is a great way to promote your brand. From my own personal experience of school sports tours, children’s parents were always sponsoring a sports teams tog bags as well as our tournament kit too! Today I still remember the names of those brands and I’m pretty sure the other kids and parents did too!

The cobalt backpack is the perfect promotional backpack for schools.

  • Good Size
  • Grab handle
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Padded Back for Extra Comfort

promotional backpacks


Promotional backpacks for schools annual events

The school gala or athletics day is a perfect way to promote your brand. You could sponsor the winner of various races and have your business banner up somewhere showing you are the sponsor.  This will also enable you to get on good terms with schools and set yourself up for being the sponsor for other events too.

Being associated with schools and helping children out is also a good thing to associate your business with.  Helping others is always a good thing and will give you a good name amongst your clients. By helping others you are actually helping yourself.

At Brand Innovation we have a variety of colours and sizes of various back packs you could use to promote your brand! You can even have different colours done, with the school teams preference on it. The great thing about a bag like this is that it isn’t only used for one sports tour or even, it is used for a couple of years to come!

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