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backpacks for sports tours

Some of the best years of our lives are going on school tours for sports and extra mural activities.  Something I always associate with these memories is having really cool kit made with the team, as well as a funky backpack to go with it.  Recently I saw a group on a school sports tour carrying their backpacks and it reminded me of all the fun that went into designing and choosing my own backpack for sports tours.

Backpacks for Sports tours

In my sports team we each had our own special number. For some reason, every player seemed to grow attached to their number and become a bit possesive over it. Rather funny when I think back on it now.  Inevitably having your number on every single piece of clothing you got for tour was essential. Of course this included our backpacks.

I have the fondest memories of walking together as a team, matching backpacks and clothing, thinking we were the coolest kids on the block.  This made me think of the variosu things that school kids should include on their backpacks today.

  • Your number should be printed or embroided in the middle of the backpack
  • School emblem definatelly has to feature
  • A personalised keyring with some quote of the tournament has to be attached as a keyring.
  • Then of course the school color must be added
  • and possibly a nickname can be included too


At brand innovation there plenty of cool backpacks your sports team could personalise for their teams!

Take this backpack for example:

The Cobalt backpack

Sports backpacks

  •  chosen front colour to match your school or sports team
  • personalized branding for numbers and nicknames
  • perfect size for sports clothes and other needs
  • comfortable
  • water bottle holder

All these features make the Cobalt back pack the perfect sports backpack to bring any sports team together.  For some reason having the same bags and clothing on does make everything that much more fun. It definitely makes you feel part of something like the team team and being able to join them in making memories.

This back pack is not only limited to sports teams, but any group of people who are participating in an activity and want that special item to feel more bonded.

If your team is in need of a backpack and keen for some serious bonding, contact brand innovation for personalized sports backpacks suited to your needs.

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