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What is the best laptop backpack?

I have just recently been on a trip to Hong Kong and an essential item I always have to have on me is my laptop. I loved being able to pop into a coffee shop or internet cafe and fill my friends and family in on all my news and updates. I also found that it was useful for logging onto Google maps and finding my way around the city.

The only problem was that it became the biggest nightmare to cart my laptop around. I was constantly worrying about which bag to put it in, if it would be safe inside the bag, or if I would leave it lying around.  When I got home from the trip the first thing I decided was that I need to buy myself a laptop backpack. So I did some research and decided to see which would be the best one.

The features  I took into consideration was the

  • Comfort
  • How easy it was to get my laptop out
  • How safe my laptop would be inside
  • any other cool features

What is the best laptop backpack?

The first backpack I looked at was the

Burbank laptop backpack

Best laptop backpack

I love this Burbank laptop Backpack because its:

  • comfortable
  • has plenty of space for other items
  • easy to carry around
  • convenient
  • place for a water bottle
  • includes an earphone outlet


Another option I looked at was The ecological laptop backpack

best laptop backpack

This was pretty cool to use in the airport because it has a

  • slide loading laptop compartment
  • has a really cool side mobile or media pocket
  • side zipper for your wallet
  • extra support for comfort

This bag looks like the perfect item to have when flying!

The next bag I looked at was the Quantam Laptop backpack

best laptop backpack

I really lied this backpack because it looked

  • Enables me to carry my laptop on an outing
  • Great size
  • comfortable

All the above laptops that Brand Innovation has available were really awesome choices!  For strolling around Hong Kong or any other big city I want to visit, I decided the Burbank laptop backpack was the best for me. It looked comfy, could fit in other essential items, and even had a place for my water bottle, which I love taking on outings!

Next time I go on a trip I’m making my life easier and am taking this item with me!


For any other awesome products and backpacks, visit Brand Innovation at


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