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Travelers backpacks

Wanderlust and caught the travel bug have you? If you are busy planning your next trip, a travelers backpack is a must for you!

Where will a travelers backpack be useful?

A backpack will be great for any markets you might see and all the souvenirs and presents you will have to carry around with you!  Its also a great place to keep a change of clothing if you decided to do a hop on rooftop bus tour and dont feel like missioning to get back to your hotel to fetch these things!

If you plan on having a beach day on your trip, a backpack is perfect for your towel, costume and snorkeling gear!  A traveler is always walking around, jumping in cabs, catching buses or trains, which is why a backpack is the perfect way to keep your things in order along the way

Whatever you have planned from 

  • exploring the museums or historic buildings in a city
  • Snorkeling on a tropical beach
  • Bartering at a cool market
  • Keeping your things together while moving around

A backpack is perfect for all of these activities!

A good option is our

Pinnacle laptop backpack

travelers backpack

  • Perfect for all the activities you have on your itinerary
  •  Great if you want to take your laptop on your journey
  • Good size for anythign you need on the plane
  • Can keep importand documents and passports
  • great front zipper for essentials like your wallet and phone

Not only does Brand Innovation have backpacks and rucksacks for when you have a arrived at your destination, but great ones for getting to your holiday too.  The Jet Setter Trolley backpack is awesome for pulling through airports and makes dragging your luggage from place to place a breeze! You can easily pop in onto your back too!

Jet Setter Trolley Backpack

Travelers Backpack

We love this product because

  • designed to fit your laptop
  • can easy be thrown onto your back
  • Has an extendable handle to make it really easy to move around
  • Really convenient for busy airports

Now that you’ve got your traveler backpack sorted, start planning the rest of your trip!  Whether you want to go back packing through the Himalayas, eat pasta under the Eifel tower, or even visit some beer tents in Germany, a backpack will always be useful for you.

All our products are chosen to make your trip as comfortable and easy as possible. Contact  for further information on our travel backpacks!


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