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backpacks for sports tours

Some of the best years of our lives are going on school tours for sports and extra mural activities.  Something I always associate with these memories is having really cool kit made with the team, as well as a funky backpack to go with it.  Recently I saw a group on a school sports tour carrying their backpacks and it reminded me of all the fun that went into designing and choosing my own backpack for sports tours.

Backpacks for Sports tours

In my sports team we each had our own special number. For some reason, every player seemed to grow attached to their number and become a bit possesive over it. Rather funny when I think back on it now.  Inevitably having your number on every single piece of clothing you got for tour was essential. Of course this included our backpacks.

I have the fondest memories of walking together as a team, matching backpacks and clothing, thinking we were the coolest kids on the block.  This made me think of the variosu things that school kids should include on their backpacks today.

  • Your number should be printed or embroided in the middle of the backpack
  • School emblem definatelly has to feature
  • A personalised keyring with some quote of the tournament has to be attached as a keyring.
  • Then of course the school color must be added
  • and possibly a nickname can be included too


At brand innovation there plenty of cool backpacks your sports team could personalise for their teams!

Take this backpack for example:

The Cobalt backpack

Sports backpacks

  •  chosen front colour to match your school or sports team
  • personalized branding for numbers and nicknames
  • perfect size for sports clothes and other needs
  • comfortable
  • water bottle holder

All these features make the Cobalt back pack the perfect sports backpack to bring any sports team together.  For some reason having the same bags and clothing on does make everything that much more fun. It definitely makes you feel part of something like the team team and being able to join them in making memories.

This back pack is not only limited to sports teams, but any group of people who are participating in an activity and want that special item to feel more bonded.

If your team is in need of a backpack and keen for some serious bonding, contact brand innovation for personalized sports backpacks suited to your needs.

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What is the best laptop backpack?

I have just recently been on a trip to Hong Kong and an essential item I always have to have on me is my laptop. I loved being able to pop into a coffee shop or internet cafe and fill my friends and family in on all my news and updates. I also found that it was useful for logging onto Google maps and finding my way around the city.

The only problem was that it became the biggest nightmare to cart my laptop around. I was constantly worrying about which bag to put it in, if it would be safe inside the bag, or if I would leave it lying around.  When I got home from the trip the first thing I decided was that I need to buy myself a laptop backpack. So I did some research and decided to see which would be the best one.

The features  I took into consideration was the

  • Comfort
  • How easy it was to get my laptop out
  • How safe my laptop would be inside
  • any other cool features

What is the best laptop backpack?

The first backpack I looked at was the

Burbank laptop backpack

Best laptop backpack

I love this Burbank laptop Backpack because its:

  • comfortable
  • has plenty of space for other items
  • easy to carry around
  • convenient
  • place for a water bottle
  • includes an earphone outlet


Another option I looked at was The ecological laptop backpack

best laptop backpack

This was pretty cool to use in the airport because it has a

  • slide loading laptop compartment
  • has a really cool side mobile or media pocket
  • side zipper for your wallet
  • extra support for comfort

This bag looks like the perfect item to have when flying!

The next bag I looked at was the Quantam Laptop backpack

best laptop backpack

I really lied this backpack because it looked

  • Enables me to carry my laptop on an outing
  • Great size
  • comfortable

All the above laptops that Brand Innovation has available were really awesome choices!  For strolling around Hong Kong or any other big city I want to visit, I decided the Burbank laptop backpack was the best for me. It looked comfy, could fit in other essential items, and even had a place for my water bottle, which I love taking on outings!

Next time I go on a trip I’m making my life easier and am taking this item with me!


For any other awesome products and backpacks, visit Brand Innovation at


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promotional backpacks for schools

Wanting to get your business or brand name out there and just don’t know how to do it? Promotional backpacks for schools is just the item for you!

Why promotional backpacks for schools?

A backpack does many things in its lifetime from

  • being in the classroom
  • going to sports practices
  • attending sports matches
  • going out to break
  • walking to and from the school bus or home
  • going on sports tours

All of these places are amazing opportunities for you to promote your brand or business.There are a million places a backpack will go and thousands of people to see it. Its the perfect opportunity to to have your brand seen all over the show!

Promotional backpacks for school sports teams

Sponsoring a sports team’s bags for a festival or tournament they are attending is a great way to promote your brand. From my own personal experience of school sports tours, children’s parents were always sponsoring a sports teams tog bags as well as our tournament kit too! Today I still remember the names of those brands and I’m pretty sure the other kids and parents did too!

The cobalt backpack is the perfect promotional backpack for schools.

  • Good Size
  • Grab handle
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Padded Back for Extra Comfort

promotional backpacks


Promotional backpacks for schools annual events

The school gala or athletics day is a perfect way to promote your brand. You could sponsor the winner of various races and have your business banner up somewhere showing you are the sponsor.  This will also enable you to get on good terms with schools and set yourself up for being the sponsor for other events too.

Being associated with schools and helping children out is also a good thing to associate your business with.  Helping others is always a good thing and will give you a good name amongst your clients. By helping others you are actually helping yourself.

At Brand Innovation we have a variety of colours and sizes of various back packs you could use to promote your brand! You can even have different colours done, with the school teams preference on it. The great thing about a bag like this is that it isn’t only used for one sports tour or even, it is used for a couple of years to come!

Contact Brand Innovation at for any inquiries regarding our products.


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Trolley backpack

The trolley backpack is a new innovative product which allows for the best of both worlds enabling one the luxury of either having a wheeler bag or a back pack, providing an efficient solution to tackle any road blocks in our busy lives.

Where can we use the trolley backpack?

The airport

This backpack is the easiest way to pull your heavy luggage around, and will particularly come in handy if you are late for a connecting flight or have been held up in traffic. In a fast moving world like today, we need to be able to move at the speedy pace of the world around us.

Brand Innovation has a vast array of trolley backpacks available for you to choose from.  Our favorite trolley bag at the moment is the Monaco Laptop Trolley Backpack.

This backpack is

  • perfect for short business trips
  • is large enough to take just what you need for one or two days of work
  • can keep your laptop and documents in order.

laptop trolley backpack

For longer trips we recommend a slightly different bag such as the challenger laptop trolley backpack

This trolley backpack has

  • a multiple compartment backpack
  • has plenty of space for your laptop and important documents
  • adds an elegance to your persona


Laptop Backpack

This backpack is the perfect size to take as hand luggage. I always find myself envying people who only take hand luggage on their trips.  It saves you so much time waiting for your luggage after your flight and also ensures that nothing gets stolen at the airport.

Work and School

This product is not only convenient for flying and travel, but also for everyday use.  Its the perfect item for children to take to school, especially because of its functionality.What makes this product so unique is that it can be used to pull around, but can also easily be thrown over your shoulder and transformed into a backpack.  Now thats what we call getting the most out of a product.

In the business world this product can be particularly useful and save you plenty of time. If you walk to work you can drag it alongside you and if you need to climb any stairs you simply slip it on your back! How easy is that.

For more information regarding our products, please contact us at

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laptop backpacks for Traveling

Planning a trip anytime soon? Its time for all you jet setters to make your journey a whole lot easier by purchasing a laptop backpack for when you are on the go!  Theres nothing worse than having to cart around a bag when you could easily jsut slip it onto your back, along with all the most important items you need for your trip!

Why have a laptop backpack and not any old laptop case?

When travelling you have so many things to remember, such as your:

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Travel Wallet
  • Hand Luggage
  • Main suitcase

The last thing in the world you want to is leave your laptop lying around in a random airport terminal, or even worse, on a bus heading from the airport to your dreamy destination.

A trip to anywhere, whether its just a weekend away, or living abroad for the year, should be made as easy as possible. Help yourself have a smooth trip and lesson the amount of things you have to carry in your hands and get yourself a laptop backpack.

Brand Innovation has a variety of laptop bags that can help make your trip a whole lot easier! Our favorite of the moment is the Eleven Laptop Backback.

Elleven Laptop Backpack

Elleven Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack is perfect for traveling and particularly for airports because of its cool features!

  • Holds most 17″ laptops
  • Has a main zipper compartment with tech straps
  • Front Zipper pocket with tech strap
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Front lower hidden pocket for valuables
  • Media pocket with earphone outlet
  • Side entry laptop cpmpartment that unfolds to lay flat on the x-ray belt at airport security
  • Backpanel designed to slip over trolley handles
  • Padded adjustable backstraps to make sure you are extra comfy!

This laptop backpack is the perfect item for zipping to and from flights.  It will save you all the admin of having to open and close bags to get through customs. You can keep all your personal belongings in the front lower hidden pocket, and then slip it onto the back of your trolley with the rest of your luggage.

Theres also plenty of space to put things in you’d like to have on the plane, such as a book, magazine, snack or even a change of clothes for a long trip. Its always nice to be clean and keep fresh during a long flight!

The best part is that while you strolling through the airport, the media pocket with earphone outlet makes it wasy for you to listen to your favorite playlist while on the go!

For any information regarding our laptop backpacks, please contact us at












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Sports rucksacks in South Africa

Whether you are cooling down at gym after a hard days work, rushing to get to your sports practice or match during the evenings, or going on a weekend hiking trip or outing, our sports rucksacks are for you!

Why use sports rucksacks?

Brand Innovation has a large variety of backpacks that will ensure that from the beginning of your day, you are organized and ready for whatever recreational activity you do to unwind after a long day in the office! There is nothing more frustrating than being in the office the entire day, looking forward to a well needed run after work, when you realize you have forgotten your ipod with your favorite gym playlist on it at home! A backpack is the easiest way to ensure that everything from your:

  • trainers
  • gym clothes
  • water bottle
  • snack
  • ipod
  • towel

are packed and ready to go before you start work. This will ensure that the time used to relax during the day, doesn’t end up being something that adds to your stress levels.

A convenient rucksack for any after work exercise is the Cassidy shoulder bag which is the perfect size for all your essentials! Don’t leave home without this in the morning to ensure a stress free afterwork activity.Cassidy shoulder bag south africa

If you enjoy hiking or outings during the weekend, a rucksack is the perfect way to get everything you need together! Not to mention that it can come in a variety of colours, so you can have any preference your heart desires!

The sports rucksack we recommend for weekend outings is the Cobalt backpack which is light and easy to carry around! This bag is perfect if you want to carry bigger items such as a picnic blanket and snacks  to the top of a hiking trail.

Cobalt Backpack

Don’t forget to pack all of these items when going on your outing:

  • sunscreen
  • cap
  • camera
  • picnic snacks
  • Cool drink

If you prefer something smaller you can always use the symphony drawstring bag, which is light and perfect if you are wanting to go for a quick run and want to carry a water bottle and car keys with you!  It’s the perfect size to be be thrown into the boot or back of your car easily without taking up too much space!

drawstring bag drawstring backpack

Whatever activity you do to wind down, make sure to take a rucksack with you to ensure you don’t forget all the essentials that make your relaxing time that much better better!

To order any of the backpacks available, please contact us at

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Benefits of a Branded Backpack

If there is one thing that is sure to be a hit when it comes to branding for promotional use, it’s a branded backpack.

What better way to promote your company than a backpack? Branded Backpacks are:

  • Extremely useful
  • Big in size – this means a large branding space
  • A travelling advertisement

Branded Backpacks

Backpacks are also making a comeback in the design department. Gone are the days of backpacks being reserved only for hikers or campers or young people travelling the world to find themselves.

Nowadays, backpacks are being designed for a more corporate environment too. Backpacks are also being manufactured in simpler designs that will work well as promotional items.

It is also a great idea to give your clients a beautifully branded backpack as a corporate gift. With the ‘new age’ backpacks being introduced, a big, spacious backpack that can carry your client’s laptop will surely be much appreciated. You could even fill the branded backpack with other exciting goodies.

Versatility and backpacks go hand in hand. They can be used in many different instances. This also means that a branded backpack is on-going advertising.  Your name gets out there wherever the backpack goes.

Everybody uses a bag at some point in their lives. Thus –

  • A backpack is a super useful branding item.
  • The fact that most people carry their bags around with them, makes sure that a branded backpack with your company name on is turned into a walking advertisement.

At Brand Innovation we offer a wide range of top quality backpacks n many different shapes and sizes. This means that you can choose the perfect bag that best suits your target market.

Branded backpacks will be great marketing additions for companies focused on these industries:

  • Hospitality industry – A branded backpack will be great for game lodges or private reserves, especially for guests wishing to go hike
  • Tourism – Excuse the obvious cliché, but backpacker lodges could use smaller backpacks as promotional items
  • Sport & Recreation – Sportsmen and women always need a bag because they’ve got so much stuff. A branded backpack would be ideal, and especially with athletes in the public eye, your company is sure to be recognized by that same eye
  • Schooling – Whether it’s a student organization or a school swimming team – backpacks are always used in schooling instances

Why not keep the branded backpack local? You can even give your staff a branded backpack to use. This way, when they are out and about, they too are turned into walking billboards. The laptop backpack is sure to be a hit in this instance!

The durable and clever designs of our Brand Innovation range of backpacks will ensure that your clients or staff use them for longer, and just like that you buy yourself more advertising time.

A branded backpack may be carried on someone’s back, but it is sure on the forefront when it comes to company advertising!

If you are just as excited about branded backpacks as we are, send us an email at and order yours today!

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Drawstring Bag Supplier South Africa

We are a premier supplier of branded drawstring bags in South Africa.

A printed drawstring bag is a very popular promotional product. How many times have your seen someone walking with a drawstring bag branded with a company’s logo?

These bags make great promotional gifts because they are cost-effective and very useful. A backpack bag is an item that someone can always use and will appreciate.

Everytime your client uses their branded drawstring backpack your logo will be visible to everyone they pass by. This is a fantastic marketing opportunity.

drawstring bag drawstring backpack

To order your drawstring bags, please email us at

We deliver these printed bags to your door.

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Laptop Trolley Backpack South Africa

Enterprise Laptop Trolley Backpack – Dorma BAG-3598

Are you looking for the perfect laptop trolley backpack?

A smart bag with the following awesome features;

  • a telescopic handle
  • a zippered front pocket
  • padded backing – how cool
  • padded straps that can tuck away
  • dual mesh pockets on the outside for your water bottles and items you want to be easily accessible
  • and zippered pockets on either side for your valuables to be kept safe

It is such a win when travelling to have a back pack that you can pull along on wheels after a long day! I am sure you can remember when you wished your back pack had wheels!! Now you too, can travel in comfort and style.

Brand Innovation is a major supplier of corporate laptop trolley backpacks in South Africa.

Contact us now to order 

enterprise laptop trolley backpack

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Most Popular Backpack

The Nevada Backpack

 Code: Dorma BAG-3035

Here at Brand Innovation we have a large variety of fantastic backpacks. We absolutely adore all of our backpacks, and we know you will too!

We also know that with such a great selection of beautifully designed and durable backpacks to choose from, you would want them all, and deciding on one will be hard!

Let us help make things easier for you, and introduce you to our most popular backpack – the strikingly stunning, Nevada backpack.

Nevada Backpack

The Nevada backpack has a simple yet beautiful design. It has an awesome colour panel in the front that grabs your attention. It is also spacious without being too overbearing.

This backpack is perfect for promotional events. We recently supplied these backpacks to a lovely sporting event, and the clients were thrilled with the results!

Embroidered Backpack

Because of the great colour panel down the front, this bag is great for advertising. The colour grabs the attention while lovely embroidery of your company’s name or logo compliments the bag and imprints your brand in people’s minds.

Are you looking for a corporate gift? Well then the Nevada backpack will also be an excellent choice! Bags are always a much appreciated gift because they are useful in so many ways. Give your clients a gift that they can really use. And using it often means that they are taking notice of your brand, often.

Let us show you exactly why our Nevada backpack is perfect and popular:

  • The awesome colour panel is not only cool and captivating but eye-catching too – and that is good news for you. The colours available are: Green, red, lime, blue, black, orange and lime.
  • This backpack is beautifully designed and comfortable to carry. It has great adjustable shoulder straps
  • Our Nevada backpack also has a super handy side mesh storage pocket with a zip. Perfect for a water bottle
  • It also has a grab handle at the top, so you can carry the bag around any way you like
  • This backpack is super spacious. The dimensions are: 32.5 (W) x 11.5 (D) x 47.5 (H)


The Nevada backpack is made from 600D polyester material. If you are thinking ‘what is 600D polyester material and why is that important?’ – Let us explain:

600D polyester material is, in simple terms, a strong and durable material. The ‘D’ refers to ‘Denier’ which is a measuring unit of the mass density of the fibres used to create the material, in this case, polyester.

Without sounding like a science professor, all you need to know is that the higher the denier number, the stronger and more durable the material is. So, a beautiful backpack made from 600D polyester, is sure to last a long time!


So, if you were looking for simple yet striking, delightful and durable, branded backpack – then our super popular Nevada backpack is exactly what you need!

To order our Nevada backpack, please send us an email at:


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